Young Adults 12-18

Dropcloth Art Studio

 Courses: (Ages 12-18)

These are 5-week courses from the start to the end of the class.

Classes range from 40.00-50.00 an hour

Minimum 2.0 hours of class time is required per session

advanced classes have a higher price range.

Classes are held on weekdays and weekends

  1. Drawing Fundamentals (40.00 an Hr) Learn the traditional way of creating art by gaining a better understanding of basic drawing techniques. 

Students will be learning:

  1. Structure drawing
  2. Line and shape design
  3. Lighting
  4. Basic color
  5. Different drawing techniques

Character Design(50.00 an Hr) Learn to bring your characters to life through character design techniques.

Students will learn:

  1. Shape-based structure
  2. Line design
  3. Curves and Arcs
  4. Basic Anatomy
  5. Basic Design 
  6. Character Styles

Portfolio Development(45.00 an Hr) Learn how to structure your work to develop an industry or college-ready portfolio!

Students will learn:

  1. How to structure portfolios
  2. Aim portfolios at industry
  3. Learn how to make your portfolio stand out!

Animation Classes (50.00 an Hr) Learn the fundamentals of traditional digital animation.

Students will learn: 

  1. Basic character design for animation
  2. The 12 principles of animation
  3. Basic Animation techniques
  4. Basic Storytelling

Figure Drawing (50.00 Hr)Learn the fundamentals of figure drawing.

Students will learn:

  1. Form
  2. Shape
  3. Basic Anatomy
  4. Gesture drawing
  5. Gesture Sketching

For more information please contact Edwin Gomez @ (323) 303-4556 

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