Creative Belief

I believe that as artists we should see change and evolution in everything we do within our artistic careers, and only through life experience can we begin to create story-driven art.

Art has many different facets from traditional to graphics and now digital.

Animation has always fascinated and given inspiration to young children as well as adults.

An art studio traditionally has been a place of ideas and creativity giving everyone an opportunity to be an artist no matter what level of expertise they may have.

The idea behind DROPCLOTH is to offer an open canvas to people looking to find creativity and expand their knowledge of art.

Our goal at DROPCLOTH is to provide a working art studio to Our City and its surrounding communities. 

We intend to teach creativity on many levels which is something that in my opinion needs to be an integral part of our communities. 

Studies have shown that a well-rounded educational experience that includes the arts is closely linked to academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity.